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These workshops will give you a good insight into how to use both pastel sticks and pastel pencils.  We trace an outline so there is no need to be accomplished at drawing or sketching.  Following my step by step guide you will learn techniques and tips on how to layer colour and make marks to create depth, vibrancy and realism.  At the end of the 3 hours you will walk away with a finished portrait ready to frame and hang on your wall!

Cost: £40 per person


Venue: COTTESMORE COMMUNITY HALL, 23 Main Street, Cottemore LE15 7DH

7th February - Swan 

6th March - Hare

3rd April - Peacock

8th May - Landscape

5th June - Hedgehog

4th September - Goldfinch

2nd October - Portrait

6th November - Frog

4th December - Penguin

Venue: VICTORIA HALL, 39 High Street, Oakham, LE15 6AH

21st February - Swan

20th March - Hare

17th April - Peacock

22nd May - Landscape

19th June - Hedgehog

18th September - Goldfinch

16th October - Portrait

20th November - Frog

18th December - Penguin


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